Aqualogic has been providing a diverse array of professional services in the fields of water management, mineral exploration and resources evaluation, environmental impact assessment, environmental management and design of information systems since 1999 through a team of multi-skilled professionals, each of whom is selected through a rigorous process.

Atacama was established in 2004 in Kampala, Uganda and has become a leading Environmental Consultancy in the region. The company and its partners are registered environmental practitioners with Uganda’s National Environment Management Authority and with the Rwanda Environment Management Authority. Atacama has successfully carried out consultancy assignments in the public and private sectors for a number of clientele that include multinational corporations, international development organisations, amongst others.

uMoya-NILU is the exclusive representative and distributor in South Africa for ambient air quality monitoring and continuous emission monitoring software and data acquisition systems for and Iseo environment SA

uMoya-NILU partners with Ansyco SA in the supply of a range of Environnement S.A gas and particulate analyzers and software for air quality monitoring, and turnkey ambient monitoring stations.