Leak Detection and REpair (LDAR)

Subcategories 2.4, 2.5 and 3.3, and Category 6 Listed Activities are required to institute leak detection and repair (LDAR) programmes in accordance with USEPA Method 21.

LDAR programmes are intended to identify leaking equipment through the measurement of VOC concentrations and the subsequent repair of the leaks in order to reduce fugitive emissions.

uMoya-NILU has the capability and experience to undertake LDAR programmes. Our methodologies and equipment have been approved by the licensing authorities of various provinces and municipalities.

We use a flame ionization detector (FID) to measure the concentration of VOC species in a gas stream to ppm levels. The output of our programme is a list of leaking equipment such as valves, flanges and pump seals, which we issue to our clients for further repair