Isokinetic Stack Sampling and emissions testinG

A stack test is a procedure for sampling a gas stream from a single sampling location at a facility, unit, or pollution control equipment. It is used to determine a pollutant emission rate, concentration, or parameter while the facility, unit, or pollution control equipment is operating at conditions that result in the measurement of the highest emission or parameter values. Listed activities must comply with emission limits as specified in their Atmospheric Emission Licences. 

 Listed Activities are also required to measure emissions at least once per year and report these to the NAEIS.

uMoya-NILU offers the service of emission testing to determine compliance with these emission limits, in accordance with the USEPA and ISO methods specified in Listed Activities regulation.

Our emission testing team comprises four technicians with a collective experience of more than 20 years. Our current clients in emission testing include major players in the oil and gas, manufacturing and mining industries.