Air Quality Management Plan(AQMP)

Section 15(2) of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act (NEM: AQA) (Act No. 39 on 2004) requires each province to develop an Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP), to be included in the Environmental Management Plan (EMP). 

In response, Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment (GDACE) developed the first provincial AQMP in South Africa in 2009. The Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) has initiated a project to review the 2009 Gauteng AQMP. 

uMoya-NILU Consulting (Pty) Ltd was appointed to assist GDARD and to lead the revision of the AQMP. The AQMP review is a 14-month project and is planned to conclude in March 2018. The main aim of the project is to review the current AQMP and to develop new objectives and strategies to ensure improvement in provincial ambient air quality and the maintenance thereof.

We want to know what you think?

The Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) is seeking views on the review of the Air Quality Management Plan for the Province. 

This stakeholder consultation applies to the three metropolitan municipalities, namely, City of Johannesburg (CoJ), City of Tshwane (CoT) and Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) and the three district municipalities that also form part of the province, including Sedibeng and West Rand District Municipalities. 

The following documents will be made available on this website over the course of the project, including the background information document, the draft baseline assessment and the draft air quality management plan. 


The AQMP review project for Gauteng involves a number of steps, namely:

  • Stakeholder participation
  • Status quo assessment
  • Identify air quality management gaps and issues
  • Assess vision and mission of the 2009 AQMP
  • Develop intervention strategies
  • Develop action plans
  • Monitoring and evaluation

AQMP Process Continued

Why are we engaging in Public Participation?

GDARD is committed to building a strong economy and an equitable society. This includes an environment that is clean and healthy.

Clean air is crucial for ensuring that Gauteng is a healthy and prosperous place for residents to live and work.

Registration allows stakeholders to stay informed of the project progress as well as the opportunity as to raise issues and submit comments for inclusion in the AQMP.